This booklet contains 4 sheets of scenic backgrounds, 2 sheets of cut out dinosaurs with foldable strips and two double sided adhesive strips.
1. Select the scenic background you would like to complete.

2. Cut on the dotted lines belonging to the dinosaur you would like in your scene.

3. Cut along the black dotted lines of the foldable strips (each containing 3 Kiddo rectangles) and fold on the solid black lines to resemble an accordion.

4. Cut a small piece of adhesive tape to adhere to each end of the folded strip.

Stick a dinosaure to one end and then the strip onto the desired place in the scene.


Once complete, you will have a sparkling and colorful dinosaure landscape to hang and enjoy. You may also frame your creation for an enhanced display!.

6003 My Dinosaurs-3D Sparkling Scene


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