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Return and exchange of products

Return and exchange of products

A product purchased on the site can be returned within 14 days of receiving the product from the customer - or within 14 days of receiving a written document detailing the transaction details (whichever is later) - with a purchase invoice or cash register or replacement note (or any other proof of the transaction). The product should returned in its original packaging.
Replacement or return of such product will only be possible in relation to products that have not been damaged and have not been used. 

How to return and exchange products

If you are interested in exchanging / returning (subject to the above) a product you have purchased, you should do the following:
For this you must notify us of your desire to do so, via the website or by phone, within 14 days of receiving the product, and we will take care of that. 

Receiving a credit for returning a product

Receipt of a refund for cancellation of a purchase made on the site, subject to the above, will be made to the credit card where the transaction was made, with the credit company.

For your attention

Your order may not be placed if after the end of the purchase process, the product you selected is out of stock, or if your credit card details and / or full details have not been received in the system.
In each of these cases, our representative will contact you so that you can decide whether to continue ordering or cancel.
Cancellation of an order before sending the product to the buyer, will not result in an additional charge, and the money he paid for the transaction will be refunded, including the shipping fee.

Shipping areas

You can place an order on the website for all parts of the country except Eilat and a few settlements. Please contact us for further details.

* This policy is written in masculine for convenience only, but is intended for both women and men.

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